UI-View Maps of the USA

These maps were made by Andrew Birrell. The original versions can be found at his web site . All I (Roger G4IDE SK) have done is trim off the borders, convert them from JPEG to GIF so UI-View can use them, and provide the UI-View INF files. Here is Andrew's copyright statement:

Except as otherwise indicated elsewhere in the web page to which this notice is
attached, the web page and its attached images and Acrobat files are copyright
 1994, 1995 Andrew D. Birrell. All rights reserved. 
Any person is hereby authorized to view, copy, print and distribute the material
covered by this copyright notice, subject to the following conditions: 
The material may be used for educational or informational purposes only.
Any copy of the material or portion thereof must include this copyright notice.
The web page and all its attachments are provided "as is", with no warranty
whatsoever. Use entirely at your own risk.

The maps are coloured relief maps. They are very accurate, because they use a cylindrical projection, which is exactly right for UI-View. They don't have any place names or any other sort of labels on them. However, I'm sure it would be easy enough to annotate them in a graphics program.

Note the file sizes - they're big, so I would suggest downloading the one of the whole of the USA first, to see if you think they will be useful or not. The other three are very similar, but are twice the scale.

The map palette is optimised for the original colours in the JPEG files, it is not the Windows default 256 colour palette. If you are using 16 bit colour or better on your Windows system, that won't be a problem. If you are using only 8 bit colour (256 colours), then you may find that the UI-View symbols change colour when these maps are loaded.

Because the maps are big, they use quite a lot of memory. All I can say is that they work fine on a P200MMX, with 64 MB, a Matrox Millennium II graphics card and a screen resolution of 1024x768.